Ten reasons I love my electric lawnmower

  1. Starts easily. Just push a button rather than trying to yank that cord.
  2. There’s no cord to break. (Ever had that happen?)
  3. I don’t have to buy gasoline.
  4. It’s far less polluting. Lawnmower emissions are notorious.
  5. It’s quiet. I won’t wake the neighbors.
  6. Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  7. And it folds up easily, for storage or transportation.
  8. If it needs to go in the car, there’s no gasoline to spill.
  9. Never needs sharpening. The blades are designed with rounded edges. For that matter, there’s no annual tune-up.
  10. The rechargeable battery also fits my weed whacker and other yard gadgets I’ll likely be adding. I’ve heard some good things about the chainsaw.


Anyone else running on rechargeable batteries?

5 thoughts on “Ten reasons I love my electric lawnmower

  1. I seriously looked at a battery powered lawn mower a few years back when our existing 4-stroke died. Unfortunately at that time they were almost twice the price of a petrol powered equivalent. I finally settled on something that was half the price of a petrol model. In truth, the wife decided on the cheaper option and I reluctantly agreed. It’s electric, but is powered from the household supply via an extension cord. It’s extremely light. I can literally lift it with my little finger, but the hassle of setting up 30 metres of power cord for the front and 15 metres for the back is more than that of refueling the older mower every other mowing day. So the lawns get mowed less frequently that they were before. In hindsight, I should have stood my ground and held out for a battery powered mower.

    1. You have my sympathy. We had a cord model when I was a kid,, but the long line sometimes got cut in two when Dad or I was mowing. (I think that happened to each of us at least once.) There’s no way I could work a cord around in our yards, considering all of our raised garden beds, trees, bushes, and whatnot. Maybe Santa could bring you a new model at Christmas?

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