Putting on a fresh face

I did a double take when I first passed this graffito on an exterior door. The white lines, done in chalk, were simply too skillfully confident for an amateur. No, a trained artist was at work. I love that impish “3,” for instance. Then, looking closer, I noticed this was a coverup. See the ugly black lips and eye slits?

Five-minute warning

I use this Ukraine-made hourglass calibrated to five minutes to time participants in open mic events.

It’s inspired by Merrimack Mic, where I found it very helpful during poetry readings. Writers, including this one, are tempted to go beyond their allotted time.

It’s good to keep it in the corner of my eye when performing, as I also do when I’m hosting.

On a real desktop, too.


Standing in our brahmacharies

My novel YOGA BOOTCAMP describes the events of being initiated into brahmacharya and being given the two strips of cloth cut from the guru’s robe as our new underwear, supposedly to restrain our male sexual impulses. As a bit of real-life evidence, here we are at the Poconos Ashram in Pennsylvania in mid-1972. The girls found it highly amusing, especially since we were all living under celibacy.

At least I didn’t use the title of an old hymn here, “Blessed Be the Ties that Bind.”