My four-decade career as a daily newspaper editor based me in Ohio (three times), southern Indiana, upstate New York, the interior desert of Washington state, the Mississippi River stretch of Iowa, big-city Baltimore, and finally New England – all while writing fiction and poetry in my free hours.

As a novelist and poet, I now live in a former seaport in northern New England. These postings reflect the encounters that led from my native Midwest to the East Coast and Pacific Northwest before ricocheting to here. Add to that the new work emerging from my workbench and loft and all the surrounding activity. It’s not the life I imagined.

Jnana Hodson

Jnana Hodson

The name Jnana – a Sanskrit term for the spiritual path of intellect or discernment – was bestowed in 1972 to affirm my unique inner nature during a year-and-a-half residency of intense yoga study and practice in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. In America, it is typically pronounced jah-na, sliding over the first n. In its fullest form, the name expanded by increments to Jnana-Devanandashram.

Over the ensuing relocations, my spiritual practice pointed me ever more deeply into the Society of Friends (Quaker), which, to my surprise, was the faith of my Hodson/Hodgin/Hodgson ancestors. For the past quarter century I’ve been an active member of Dover Friends Meeting in New Hampshire.

The emergence of ebook readership is a boon for writers like me who fall outside the book industry mainstream. Once again, “experimental” literature — meaning writing free of genre conventions or commercially driven decisions — is available for the adventurous bookworm. Folks like you, I’m hoping.

My primary venue, as it were, comes in the publication of my novels through, a source that allows you to obtain your own inexpensive volumes at digital edition retailers such as the Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Sony, as well as Smashwords itself. Remember, these ebooks are available in the platform of your choice. Please note that if they’re not all showing up when you visit the site, your “adult content” filter may be on … the hippie experience, was, after all, an era noted for its sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. A simple click will fix that.

If you don’t have an ebook reader, consider downloading an Adobe Digital Reader, a nifty app for viewing and managing the books using your laptop or PC. It’s free.


Although formatting ebooks for widespread availability essentially converts them into scrolls, I’ve also sensed moments when I’d prefer to offer them in a more traditional appearance. That’s led to my ongoing series of releases at Thistle/Flinch editions, with free PDF volumes that can be downloaded and read on any laptop or PC. Stay tuned for latest releases of fiction, poetry, and spiritual nurture.

One of the best aspects of both the Smashwords and Thistle/Flinch editions is that they become available anywhere there’s an online connection — meaning globally as well as your own dwelling.


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For a video interview hosted by Sally Ember, tune in to Changes episode 24 filmed on March 18, 2015, by clicking here. It was quite an experience!

In the copy desk

In the copy desk “slot” in the newsroom in the days before pagination.

As I was as a young yogi, much earlier in this journey.

As I was as a young yogi, much earlier in this journey.