a squirrel sees a landscape varying at multiple levels look up to a branch it’s there *   *   * would he go? would she come? he’s been there before              and any good squirrel is wary let’s be sensible invoking misadventures *   *   * to be lying flat against the opposite side of a tree such […]


each springtime and summer we go our rounds, grubbing out pervasive maple sprouts, glistening slugs the evil elegance of bindweed to open way for what flowers or what bears would harvest each repetition its own mixture of success and disappointment * * * as my Lady of the Fabric Bins explains the palette of the […]


their house and yard lined a three-block street that wasn’t straight but bent, twice, away from due north or an east-west axis the squirrels there knew nothing of the next state or globe     their world of endless branching comprehends no sphere each time he leaped, he’d forget who I am all the same, gravity fashions […]


with empty matchbooks all about the apartment stank, as it had since the 17-year-old sister encamped at the door, a 50-year-old tattooed sallow visitor with a front tooth missing inquired if she was home yet said he’ll be back tomorrow To continue, click here. Copyright 2015


sometimes quite sandy, sometimes the clay we inherit black loam’s best for farming excessive acid or alkali impose their toll compacted soil simply won’t breathe my Lady of Potting explains “organic matter,” she says, meaning compost and manure, especially. “it needs to be fed” to say nothing of her disdain for “dead dirt” so I […]