When you rummage around an old barn, you never know what you’ll turn up. And that’s the premise here. As we’ve settled into a house and grounds that include an old red barn, I’ve can once again unpack many pieces that appeared years earlier in the literary small press scene as well as previously unpublished notes, correspondence, and drafts arising in my zig-zag journey to now. That’s what I’m sharing with you, and I welcome your insights and reactions.

Jnana Hodson

Jnana Hodson

When I launched this blog at the end of 2011, I wasn’t sure if would be a Quaker voice that also embraces poetry, orΒ a poetry ‘zine that draws on Quaker practice. It’s both and much more. What’s evolved is a shuffling of home and garden, my personal journey, public affairs, arts and letters, photography from around New England, and a smattering of newspaper trade experiences. Increasingly, the entries also tout my newest appearances as a novelist and poet, especially as my fiction and poetry collections are published in ebook releases at Smashwords.com and Thistle/Flinch editions, as well as other presses.

More and more, the Barn’s become a gathering spot for folks from around the world to stop by and visit. Feel free to pull up a chair and sit back for a spell. I’ll be happy to provide some refreshments, maybe straight from the garden.

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