Beethoven’s chamber pot beside the piano revealed a man truly engrossed in his work when there was nothing else to touch. Not even another Zelda Fitzgerald, seeking a Daddy-Daddy-Daddy who never was what she’s expected nor was I. It was all downhill from the heart. She rather melted away, like the music, at the end […]


a woman in an improbable hoop skirt and headscarf lights a wall of candles salmon-colored bands on a wall, plus a solar diagram and an Elizabethan woman black chair, as two birds flying in opposite directions as she reads her book in a balloon, the fog handbag and coffee New York Poem copyright 2016 by […]


in the dune of the black-eyed Susan a schedule diametrically opposed to my own *   *   * a stargazer adjusts a pile of broken shell and black-eyed Susan polished by sea-spray in the dune behind an urchin adjusting broken shell, the black-eyed Susan polished by mist, the blanched dune kelp adjusting a pile of broken […]


and that’s the really frightening thing the bomb-sniffing dog on the way to the Laundromat, before ~*~ I’ve had enough this season to satisfy my sensibilities though it’s still unseasonably warm and raining lingering over food this buzzing finds pollen wherever our sun warms ~*~ yet to the Appropriate Authorities Immigration and Naturalization Service, the […]