Ten reasons I love my electric lawnmower

  1. Starts easily. Just push a button rather than trying to yank that cord.
  2. There’s no cord to break. (Ever had that happen?)
  3. I don’t have to buy gasoline.
  4. It’s far less polluting. Lawnmower emissions are notorious.
  5. It’s quiet. I won’t wake the neighbors.
  6. Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  7. And it folds up easily, for storage or transportation.
  8. If it needs to go in the car, there’s no gasoline to spill.
  9. Never needs sharpening. The blades are designed with rounded edges. For that matter, there’s no annual tune-up.
  10. The rechargeable battery also fits my weed whacker and other yard gadgets I’ll likely be adding. I’ve heard some good things about the chainsaw.


Anyone else running on rechargeable batteries?


Woodland trail

Well, it’s actually in our yard, using bits of bark and other debris after I stacked two cords of firewood. This stretch can be pretty muddy in season, so the dry fill offers some relief.

Netting around the blueberries

In previous years, the netting we’ve used to keep birds and squirrels off the blueberries simply sat on top of the bushes. It tangled in the plants, and resourceful critters could still get at some of the berries. Last year we used fallen branches to create this rig, which kept the netting further from the plants. It made harvesting much easier, too – just lift one side as needed. How do you think it looks?

Corral for raspberry bushes

A couple of particularly nasty winter storms brought down a lot of big limbs in our yard. I really do need to get a chain saw to convert them to firewood, but in the meantime, I’ve put them to work in the garden. One place is in the row that lifts the raspberries away from the rest of the yard. Using the limbs here is much more satisfactory than the rope and wire of before – the branches keep the fence poles from pulling toward the center. How do you think it looks?