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What catechist insists
they’re ivory flights
in snowy clouds? Angels exist
in every rainbow color, including scarlet
footsteps on silver ladders
where charity runs in both directions.

Scarlet, as well, fills the Seventh Day
and Seventh Year, when you take rest.
Scarlet, as the sunset or sunrise
or the blood of the lamb. For that matter,

faith demands more than walking on water.

For starters, try treading on air
with or without the ladder.

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Copyright 2015


As I said at the time …

You know, of course, what an absolute delight it is to have all five submissions accepted. I’ve been floating all day.



Facts? What facts? Let’s play pretend.

That’s what we’re getting from Trump’s lie-riddled ranting.

There are serious consequences, of course, when reality hits. Just look at that matter of icebergs and the Titanic.

Or another addled ship captain obsessed with a white whale.

When reality hits, the results can be costly and fatal.

Sanity would side with caution, history, and empirical knowledge.

Trump’s real motto? Let’s sink the ship.

Has anyone checked the lifeboats? Or how far we’ve headed from land?


Garden of Eden

once the Woman appears
(Man’s complementary opposite)
so does the Serpent

the status quo is never enough
never sufficient, never fully satisfying

that lingering unease in the human spirit

apart from the deadness of those who are content
without sympathy for the rest
meaning remainder, as well as repose

poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson


Motets 1

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So there we were, in the kitchen, kissing. My hands wandered and I said, “Gee, I feel just like Donald Trump.”

She laughed before saying, “It doesn’t count if you’re married.”

I didn’t have to add, “It’s so much better.”


Enter the woods. Listen. Breathe.

Sometimes a woodlot will do. Or a grove along running water.

You don’t always need a forest.

Don’t worry about getting lost. Just pay attention to the trail. And the wind. And the light. Maybe a companion or two. Some of them human.

We’ll talk about holy later.

Green Repose 1~*~

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Five colors
a rainbow.

from out of nowhere:
Green Tara
White Tara

they’ve each

Still, nobody
sees clearly
what follows.

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Copyright 2015


on that damn pedestal like a Virgin Mary
she complained all the time she was looking
ten, twenty, thirty years down the road

I might have seen all the mud between her toes
wherever the snake’s led
to be moody! manicky!
well, I claimed to be ready) confident
to be active, when she appeared

disconcerted, reaching out, toward a cloud, perchance

the robe wrapped ever so tight around her


to name her nature
crosses the double-yellow strip

delightfully earthy, that Good Mother
gardening and sewing
what airy/dreamy/ethereal temper
I’d venture, cooking, too without losing

the river or the hearth
that confine her


typically one or another
we encounter

“and when you finish washing the windows
you can change the oil and then rake the leaves”

so activity-oriented they’ll forget the dream
or rarely stop to savor attainment

driving a battered car
just tuned up by the neighbor


we stayed up all night conversing
what’s to be done
sensual not just the Great Smooching
encompassing the possible futures

would she, after all
live up to the initial promises
feminine in a way that performs trampoline flips
suggested on the smiling carpet

or the extra step shakes branches so leaves fall across
the just-swept walkway

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Copyright 2015


There’s one way to stop those nasty campaign attack ads. Vote FOR the candidate they’re attacking. Remember, there’s a reason the Big Money’s paying for the commercials – and they’re expecting you to repay them. Nip their greed in the bud.


The operative word here, by the way, is nasty. Watch for smear labels that tell you nothing in factual detail.

And be aware, a candidate intent on attacking the rival without upholding his or her own record and thought-out position should be held in great suspicion.

We’re watching a race here in New Hampshire where one candidate is accusing her opponent of failing to achieve changes that she herself stands against. The implication, of course, is that the negative candidate sides with issues that she, in fact, would thwart. I prefer to play straight, rather than twisted like this. You can guess who I’m voting for.

Any examples along these lines in your own districts and states?


Look, when Woodpecker started reporting here at the Red Barn, this election was projected to be an updated round of the Bush machine countered by the Clintons’ – and all of the unfinished business on both sides. Well, that’s not quite what’s happened, even if the underlying dynamics haven’t evaporated, nor have my concerns about the Republican party finally ripping apart. What no one anticipated the underlying grassroots anger that both Trump and Bernie Sanders tapped into, from quite divergent sides.

Sanders, let there be no mistake, was accurate in his assessment of its causes, unlike Trump and his delusional rants and endless whining.

So here we are in the thick of it, wondering and asking:

When it comes to Trump, why aren’t the crowds chanting: “Lock him up! Lock him up!” Just listen to the violence he’s urging in his speeches and look to his history. What more do you need?

Oh, Melania, how can anyone smear Donald? He does it just opening his mouth.

And now Rudy Giuliani’s saying big city elections are rigged? I’ll take that as a confession about his winning the mayor’s race in New York City – both times. Why not?

While we’re at it, just look at Trump’s other showcase political ally, Chris Christie, whose popularity as governor of New Jersey is totally tanking in the flood of testimony in the Bridgegate scandal. As if we’re surprised.

I’m still puzzled by all of the focus on Hillary’s emails, especially after all the empty witch hunts she’s endured. Anyone who knows anything about negotiating a deal is aware that you can’t put all of your cards on the table from the git-go. You have to have room to maneuver, to test the other side’s intentions and willingness to pay or play. But from what we’ve seen of Trump’s abilities there, we’d have to say they’re nil. He thinks an ultimatum is the only way to go. Take it or leave it? More and more, folks are leaving it.

Wait! Ecuador cut off Julian Assage’s Internet connection?


How many folks had to look it up on a map?

Speaking of which … Maine Gov. Paul LePage has no room to complain about rigged elections. He owes his own wins to dead bears. Seriously, the rabid end of the electorate was baited. Oh, that was a sordid one based on cruelty to animals.

These things just aren’t letting up.

What about the false witness of so-called Christians who endorse untruth and those whose blatantly un-Christian actions? I’m waiting to see some real repentance there. Please!

Speaking of repentance … how dare John McCain promise that Republicans will oppose any Supreme Court nominee Clinton would present – in effect, abdicating Senate responsibility. We’re facing a Constitutional crisis if they do.

Here in New Hampshire, we’re seeing Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Maggie Hassan accused of failing to accomplish things as governor, with the implication that her Republican rival, incumbent Kelly Ayotte, would advocate them. The reality is that Ayotte’s Republicans opposed the measures in the first place. Rather than take credit for their actions, the GOP politicians blame their victim. Oh, shame! By the way, many of the expensive mailings we’re getting attacking Hassan bear the disclaimer, “not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.” Seems to me rather cowardly, especially coming from out-of-state.