Beethoven’s chamber pot beside the piano revealed a man truly engrossed in his work when there was nothing else to touch. Not even another Zelda Fitzgerald, seeking a Daddy-Daddy-Daddy who never was what she’s expected nor was I. It was all downhill from the heart. She rather melted away, like the music, at the end […]


and that’s the really frightening thing the bomb-sniffing dog on the way to the Laundromat, before ~*~ I’ve had enough this season to satisfy my sensibilities though it’s still unseasonably warm and raining lingering over food this buzzing finds pollen wherever our sun warms ~*~ yet to the Appropriate Authorities Immigration and Naturalization Service, the […]


“you said when you married you’d still make love to other guys” the guest at the house party argued though now I initially have difficulty telling whether he’s talking to the bride or the groom even as he added “you’re too young to be getting married” he spent the night anyway among those of us […]


with empty matchbooks all about the apartment stank, as it had since the 17-year-old sister encamped at the door, a 50-year-old tattooed sallow visitor with a front tooth missing inquired if she was home yet said he’ll be back tomorrow To continue, click here. Copyright 2015


Two cheerleaders wore white gym shoes and thick white socks leading to smooth adolescent legs and who knew what else. Freak girls bummed cigarettes like crazy and you fed their neuroses. A chubby chick fought and shrieked the hardest. “God-damn fart-face!” she called a boy she hit squarely, not to be left out. To continue, […]