Those miles add up, one way or another

Was surprised to realize my weekly drives from Eastport to Dover and back – essentially one end of Maine to the other – came to only a little more than my weekly total in commuting to and from the office, back was I was duly employed.

But coming in a five-and-a-half to six hour stretch each way, rather than one, was another matter.

How much of my life has been behind the wheel!

How do your commutes add up in time and miles?


Up under the roof these days

It’s hard to believe how much I had shoehorned into my attic studio. It’s the space where I’d spent so much personal time writing and revising over the past 21 years, but looking at it when it’s stripped down to this is really difficult.
Ditto when I think how much we had in the other half of the attic, a combination of guest room and crafts-projects storage once it stopped being a bedroom for one or the other of our daughters.