Floating o’er the garden

It’s been years since we last planted sunflowers, but we can count on them in our garden. They self-seed from previous years. The birds and squirrels find the kernels to be irresistibly tasty. We’re curious to see how our honeybees react when the scene gets to this point in a few weeks.

Corral for raspberry bushes

A couple of particularly nasty winter storms brought down a lot of big limbs in our yard. I really do need to get a chain saw to convert them to firewood, but in the meantime, I’ve put them to work in the garden. One place is in the row that lifts the raspberries away from the rest of the yard. Using the limbs here is much more satisfactory than the rope and wire of before – the branches keep the fence poles from pulling toward the center. How do you think it looks?

Busy bees

My wife couldn’t resist getting up close to the entrance to our new beehive and using her cell phone camera to record this. The portal is getting a lot of action during the day as the honeybees are take off in search of food and return. The one with the fat yellow legs is carrying a load of pollen home. The colony itself seems to be thriving.