one daughter’s been sitting a California king snake (fellow dad Eric’s quite impressed) a friend’s rabbit, quite a thumper “We thought books were falling from the shelves” when the daughter babysat, and so the kids slept in the big bed and I snoozed off in the loft Poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson For more, […]


two horny squirrels on a tree I hate cartoon slapstick … as for real actors … The Dead See Squirrels who know nothing of the next state nor the globe their world branches endlessly, effortlessly and is anything but round the thistle feeder found in one of our coolers … ah! the safe place! a […]


already the goldfinches are losing their bright yellow, shifting over to their “traveling clothes” … cardinal flower still scarlet … the sunflowers nearly past … will we have any pumpkins in this crazy year? blue jays as monkey birds squawking a stream of crows, maybe a hundred, all headed south (the ten thousand roosting together […]


I still imagine living in a tower like this.
I still imagine living in a tower like this. The round window remains distinctive.


Right along the river.
Right along the river.


Restoration remains to be done.
Restoration remains to be done.

The Great Falls once gave their name to the New Hampshire community also known as Summer’s Worth, now shortened into Somersworth. This being New England, the water itself was once put to work in the mills.

My fondness for old mills, by the way, did prompt a novel, Big Inca.