The perfect tomato

If you’re going for taste over looks, the heirloom Goldie is as heavenly as it gets in a tomato. I prefer mine in a sandwich lathered in mayo and Old Bay seasoning, skipping the bacon and lettuce. One slice is the width of the bread. It’s worth waiting all year for these to kick in.

It’s kind of the woodchuck of the insect world

My wife brought in a big green caterpillar, fatter than my thumb and longer than a finger, then asked if I knew what it was.


Then she informed me it’s a hornworm, our first one she’s found on our tomato plants in the two decades we’ve lived here. And she was terrified. Said they can devour not just whole tomatoes but the plant too, as well as peppers, eggplants, potato plants. Well, it’s a long list and if you find one of the goliaths, there are bound to be more.

That stirred up memories of the three little woodchucks that showed up one July and reduced our six thriving Brussels sprouts plants to sticks. The very thought of something like that recurring still strikes terror.

A gardener has to be watchful.