Beethoven’s chamber pot beside the piano revealed a man truly engrossed in his work when there was nothing else to touch. Not even another Zelda Fitzgerald, seeking a Daddy-Daddy-Daddy who never was what she’s expected nor was I. It was all downhill from the heart. She rather melted away, like the music, at the end […]


a woman in an improbable hoop skirt and headscarf lights a wall of candles salmon-colored bands on a wall, plus a solar diagram and an Elizabethan woman black chair, as two birds flying in opposite directions as she reads her book in a balloon, the fog handbag and coffee New York Poem copyright 2016 by […]


in the dune of the black-eyed Susan a schedule diametrically opposed to my own *   *   * a stargazer adjusts a pile of broken shell and black-eyed Susan polished by sea-spray in the dune behind an urchin adjusting broken shell, the black-eyed Susan polished by mist, the blanched dune kelp adjusting a pile of broken […]


a well-crafted turbine a flower in bloom the blades of a large jet engine a honeycomb exhaust fan no stops for granola bars this anatomy of a rippling stone in the stream, a fingerprint no monkeys in the Squirrel Temple Poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson To see the full set of Partitas, click here.


ceramic dragon as a weed patch with teeth you, me, it don’t forget the oyster crackers *   *   * the repose of an attic ceramic dragon papered in autumn foliage of a white T-shirt and four blue candles caps a corner mattress with weeds and a sequoia the attic room reposes in a white T-shirt, […]


a rabbit in a bow-tie and party hat laughs at a departing alligator people holding umbrellas float over the stage drowning the kittens as an adult act of mercy people in yellow raincoats floating under pink umbrellas set against clouds the woodcut sheep now resemble Georgia a plain chair topped by a salmon-fish rung a […]