Wet wonder

We haven’t had much rain this year, which makes it all the more amazing when our garden gets some natural relief. This is from one of those rare breaks in our drought.


The asparagus almost looks like a bank of fog.


A broad Brussels sprouts leaf cups clear rainwater.



They’re only work gloves, right?

Maybe it’s all those years I labored in an office, but I always thought of work gloves as pretty basic, something you pick up at the hardware store or a yard sale. One of three choices, likely, based on differing price points.

OK, winter gloves had some complications, mostly color or style, for driving or skiing, that sort of thing. Guess you’d look for those at a department store.

And then there were golf gloves. Sporting goods, right? Not that I play.

Now for the eyeopener.

Somehow, our Quaker Meeting wound up on the mailing list for the Uline catalog of industrial-grade janitorial, storage, safety, and shipping supplies. I know we haven’t ordered anything from there in 20 years, not even rubber floor mats, but the fat glossy volumes keep arriving, addressed to our Manager Shipping Dept. How many churches have one of those? Not us!

Anyway, the cover of the latest 812-page release caught my eye. The bottom featured a panel of four work gloves – leather palm, warehouse, utility, and cut resistant. But that was only a tease for the 15 pages of protective hand coverings inside.

Well, our eighth-grade shop teacher did say there was the right tool for every job, so I guess that extends to garb, too.

That said, Covid has made all of us aware of thin, disposable latex gloves, which Uline has for same-day shipment – six pages of those, if you’re interested – including extended cuff, exam grade, and a half-dozen colors other than white or Nitrile blue. And that’s before we get to the food industry variants or chemical resistant strands. Many of these can even be purchased by the bucket. No kidding.

As for those leather ones? Your choice of pigskin, cowhide, deluxe cowhide, goatskin, or deerskin.

Other performance options include ice busters and anti-vibration designs.

Remember, buy in quantity and you save.

What I’m not finding as I look is a yardwork and gardening glove. Seriously.

Maybe I need to trot off to our local Agway to find them.

I never thought this could get so complicated. Are some guys really so picky?


Charcoal-grilled lamb and asparagus are accompanied by German-style potato salad in our Smoking Garden. The gin-and-tonic beside me belongs to the photographer. I’m sticking to beer. These really are some of the best days of summer. (Photo by Rachel Williams)