When Irish lights are shining

Living in New England, I’ve gained a fondness for lighthouses, an appreciation that has been heightened by my relocation to Way DownEast Maine. This state alone has more than 60 still in working order.

My research regarding the towers and their beams has, however, had me admitting that the bulk of the world’s most glorious examples are to be found on the rugged Atlantic coastline of France. Some of them resemble small castles, and many are built in grand style, no expense spared.

The English, in contrast, appear stuffy and uninspired. (Sorry about the pun there.)

What I wasn’t expecting was the discovery that Ireland also has some stunning examples.

If I ever get to the Emerald Isle, they’ll be high on my list of sites to visit.

What’s on your travel bucket list?

2 thoughts on “When Irish lights are shining

  1. I love lighthouses. Have you seen the movie Half Light (2006)? It is about a successful writer (Demie Moore) and there is a lot of suspense and mystery in it, along with beautiful scenery, and a lighthouse as the main setting. Maybe you will enjoy it.

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