What Eastport doesn’t have

Let’s be honest. There’s a lot you won’t find here.

For starters, there’s:

  1. No pizza parlor. No Chinese, Thai, Indian, or Mexican restaurants, either. At least a brewpub just opened, overlooking the water.
  2. No bakery.
  3. No laundromat.
  4. No name-brand gas station. Just one off-brand pump at the garage where the Mobil once was.
  5. No auto dealership.
  6. No hospital or specialists, though there is a health center and pharmacy.
  7. No indoor swimming pool or even a public outdoor one.
  8. No fitness center or gym.
  9. No tattoo parlor. Much less piercing.
  10. No traffic lights. Not one.

2 thoughts on “What Eastport doesn’t have

  1. It is amazing what we can easily learn to live without. Who needs traffic lights? Or restaurants, nice as they are to have when you don’t feel like cooking.

    I admire your courage in moving to such a small place. As I age I want to be close to major health facilities – just in case. .

  2. Definitely an adjustment, but sounds lovely, especially near the water. I live in a very small town now, coming from Jersey the three things that I am truly missing are taxis (none here, or busses …), the ease of finding any physician, the waterfront, and the variety of foods. However, the nearest city like town is about 30 miles or 40 minute drive.

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