Like it’s been there all along


Despite its full-block size, the new Orpheum multi-use development in downtown Dover plays off the dimensions of the old Masonic building, far left. The redesign sought to maintain downtown Dover’s historic brick storefront appearance – narrow buildings with upstairs housing set side by side.
How about a brief taste of a big-city side street?
While adding population density to downtown Dover, the Orpheum remains tucked in when viewed from Washington Street just below Lower Square. The small-town landmarks remain the old Masonic building, left, and former Strafford Bank, right, in their interplay of brick and stone.


2 thoughts on “Like it’s been there all along

  1. The height and outward form of the new structures is in conformity with the existing structures. Buildings will try to take something from existing and go beyond the future. How much this exercise is successful depends upon the end-users and critiques,

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