One more thing on the plate

Covid caused us to put off last spring’s anticipated yard sale, which was to help us reduce some of our excess possessions. Now we realize if we sell this house before May, when the yard sale seasons begins, we need to choose whether to move our excess items to our daughter’s and have a yard sale there or to take them to Goodwill or the dump instead.

Quite simply, do we feel we’re up for investing the time and effort in preparing and conducting a sale? (As well as the tedious job of cleaning up afterward?) How much do we want to reasonably rake in if we do?

In either case, I don’t want to pack up a bunch of stuff “to get to later,” meaning sometime after hauling it five hours northeast. Or wherever.

Note to self: Energy applied now saves double or triple that amount later.

5 thoughts on “One more thing on the plate

  1. I share the sentiment. Our 56 years of accumulated “treasures” will soon be on the chopping block. We may have two years to reduce things down, but I just know the months, weeks, and days will evaporate leaving us with a mad scramble at the end.

  2. If you don’t want to deal with the stuff, Goodwill is a great option, also The Salvation Army, and even any local church that will do a bazaar in the future or that has a thrift store, or helps people by giving items to people who have lost everything. Maybe you can find out if there is a place near you. What about letting a consignment shop sell the most important items for you? Or you can sell them online yourself (ebay), but that requires some work and dealing with post office mailings … which translates into more work. I understand exactly what you mean by having to worry about all that stuff later on in the middle of getting settled. Best wishes for the sale of your home and move.

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