A troubling cry

X-ing out Community.

This splash of graffiti, defacing another’s work hailing the Dover Community Trail, offends me on several counts. One is its very hostility to any greater good. Community Trail means public, open to all, yet this anonymous voice seemingly opposes that. I doubt they’d want it to be posted No Trespassing, either. As for the “us”? How about standing up and identifying yourself? You sound pretty alienated, lonely, and ultimately selfish to me.

Here’s the companion mural on the adjacent bridge pillar along the Cocheco River.

One thought on “A troubling cry

  1. It is a shame what is happening. Destruction and damage everywhere, as if that would accomplish anything. People are hurting their neighborhoods, their community businesses, and in the process they are hurting the soul of their community and their own. I do not stand with anyone that defaces or destroys this country, no matter what the cause is. I will not say it is ok to destroy the livelihood of so many others to say something, and I believe that the people who are destroying the country do not truly care about the cause they say they are defending. Destruction is destruction, and only destruction can come from it, It is not possible to rebuild when you are destroying at the same time, and in the process we are destroying values, families, communities… we are hurting people who care. It is a shame that today few can see the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.

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