Just what more can go wrong in 2020?

Here we are a full six months into the year, and the surge of record-breaking goes unabated.

Racist police brutality is unmasked nationwide, along with the violent suppression of peaceful protests and free speech.

Russian bounties on American soldiers goes unchallenged in the White House.

Wall Street is living in a disconnect with the economy in general while new Covid-19 cases and deaths soar to their highest levels yet – and promise to rocket quickly.

The widespread resistance to public health measures, and then their lifting, threatens to turns the economic hit of the earlier self-quarantining into a wasted expense. Now brace for the truly hard impact when we see what a full outbreak adds up to in costs, including lifetime chronic health problems for many survivors.

And we thought toilet paper and chicken or pork shortages were big?

Already, a wave of evictions is hitting renters who suffered from the mandatory unemployment in April and May. Where can they go? Looks like a lot of vacancies for landlords, too, not that they get any sympathy.

Here where I live, state government revenue is down 20 percent. The next budget round will be a bloodbath.

Who knows what’s going to happen to the crucial election season. National conventions? Door-to-door campaigning? Rallies?

Gee, remember the Senate’s so-called trial of Trump on impeachment charges back in February?

Oh, yes, drought or near-drought in June.

Curing my lifetime of writing headlines, I often felt I’d already seen everything. Nothing could brace me for this.

And now there’s an outbreak of rabbit Ebola, fatal in 80 percent of the cases. Yes, that’s what they’re calling it. Seriously. Wild or domestic, they’re doomed. Bunnies!

Forget the MAGA hats, it’s time for the sackcloth and ashes, friends. We need to repent and be saved. How about some true leadership, based on hard facts and courage?

Happy Independence Day, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Just what more can go wrong in 2020?

  1. I have been thinking also about all that you mention, and honestly, it is hard to even pretend that everything will be fine. I was going to ask you the question, as a journalist (once a journalist always a journalist) how do you feel about the veracity of the headlines, but you answered it in one of your lines. I honestly, am preparing for what is coming after the election. What we are seeing now will be nothing compared. I think our country is going to be defined in a way it has never been before, and its people will come to a halt and examine values, as well as love of country. The outcome will be determined by how much we care for this country and each other, our faith, and our determination to keep on going. We are being tested as a country, as people. We are being tested by nature, by the system that we created, and by other countries. I just hope we can be proud of our response, and that when this time comes, that we can look inside as well as outside, but mostly that we shell out this human pride of ours and allow ourselves to look up as well.

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