Two more years of THIS?

We were wrapping up yet another committee session on Zoom and trying to look ahead to our next one when one member made an unsettling comment.

Said he, “I don’t expect to be out of this (self-isolation) for another two years, not until they have the vaccine in place.”

He’s a retired medical professional, and the other (now unretired) one in our group didn’t correct him.

It’s a gloomy prognostication, not just personally, I’ll admit as senior with a pre-existing condition, but as one considering its dire social consequences as well.

I was going to say the quip hit like a ton of bricks, but considering that the emotional impact had more of a slow motion effect, I’ll say like a ton of hay (hey, a ton is a ton, right?).

So much for dashing our hopes.

I think I’ll go listen to “Casey at the Bat” again, the poem with the phrase “but there is no joy in Mudville.” As if we’ll ever again have baseball, either.

Your turn to whine! I’m all ears.

10 thoughts on “Two more years of THIS?

  1. I agree with your medical friends that this virus has pulled up a chair at our table uninvited and refuses to leave. Yet our human spirit thrives more on “It is what it is” and less on “It shouldn’t be what it is”.

    It is what it is. And I am thriving (with my own “underlying conditions”)! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the predictions about the COVID-19 aftermath were as far off the mark as the projected death toll. Here in Saskatchewan we have had 366 confirmed cases and 5 deaths. In the case of the seasonal flu we have had, up to March 21, 2547 confirmed cases and 15 deaths. And half of us got the flu vaccine.
    But there is some economic activity coming out of COVID-19. VIDO-Intervac (that’s the short form of Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization – International Vaccine Centre) at the University of Saskatchewan has been granted close to $100 million to help fast track the development and testing of a vaccine and to build a facility to mass produce the vaccine.

  3. Not sure the pessimists are right. The virus may be with us for a while, but in some places people are already rebelling against the restrictions. Governments will have to bow to public pressure.

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