At the compost bin

Every spring, once the compost thaws, I empty the bin to supply the garden. And then I refill it with leaves collected the previous autumn to start the whole process again.


2 thoughts on “At the compost bin

  1. What a lovely compost bin! I haven’t been able to garden for several years now and the last composting I was able to do was raking up piles in the horse pasture and turning them every couple of days. My husband added them to the small bin I had made with boards up against the steer paddock. He laughed at my continued efforts to compost until he saw the great worms he got for fishing and how much the better garden grew. Oh heck, why am I telling you this…I should be writing a post shouldn’t I. Thanks for the help. This because of compost and a pile of horse poo.

    1. Puts us in a kinda club, doesn’t it! I keep meaning to go down to the police patrol barn to raid their dumpster for manure to speed things along but just haven’t done that yet, though I have been known to clean up piles from the street.
      Hope you’re enjoying the return of spring.

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