Nesting osprey

Mama’s head keeps a vigilant watch. For some reason, osprey often build their big nests atop power poles. This one is in Cutler.
Once alarmed, she’ll take flight, raise a racket, and threaten to attack. So beware. As I learned in East Machias.
Here’s an active nest in Princeton, atop a post in a human family’s yard, actually.
In Pembroke, there’s this impressive nest atop a piling at a landing. Almost looks like the structure was built for these majestic birds.

A definite sign of spring

Around here, you know spring has arrived when you see your first boat riding a trailer down the street. An uncovered boat, free of its shrink-wrap or tarp. Behind a battered pickup, of course.

And you can bet yourself that by the end of the day, you’ll have seen a second, if not more.

Who cares if there’s still ice on the lakes?