A tidbit from a digital committee meeting

Or should that be a committee’s digital meeting?

As we were considering the possibility of extending an online workshop to our Quaker fellowship, to replace an in-person one we had cancelled, some of us sighed and admitted feeling Zoom’ed out.

That’s the phrase they used.  Zoom’ed out. Bet it’s quickly popping up around you, too. The way Google went from a way of looking (as in googly eyes) to an online search engine (capitalized) to a verb reflecting generic online usage, as in “googling,” even when you do it on Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Zoom isn’t the only platform being used for virtual meetings. Go To Meeting is also popular, and Skype is still there for one-on-ones, among others. Feel free to mention alternatives.

So, now that we’ve recently added “coronavirus” and “Covid-19” as new words in our common vocabulary, we’re about to add one more.

Any of you feeling Zoom’ed out yet?

2 thoughts on “A tidbit from a digital committee meeting

  1. For some reason this post wound up in my spam folder.

    I was already feeling Zoomed out a month ago. I have used Zoom for daily meetings for a couple of years (I think – can’t remember when we switched from VSee). Now though I have extra work calls, various church stuff and personal meetings on Zoom.Family Easter gathering was on Skype, and my wife’s surprise birthday party (90+ people) was on Zoom.

    It is really rough on us introverts.

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