As my wife and I started listing what’s keeping us busy these days, we were both surprised to find that one thing – one important thing – was missing.

What we both realized is that regular reading … as in books … had been pressed out of our schedules.

Instead, we’ve been doing bits and pieces of reading online. It’s just not the same as luxuriating in a deep volume.

How about you?


  1. I always have a book going. And I also always have a second book going that I am reading to my husband because his stroke left him unable to read anymore. That said, I read to my husband every day, but I don’t sit down every day and read on my own. I need to take the time every day to read for myself. And you are so right that reading online is not the same. I don’t even like to read on my Kindle. I want to hold a real book in my hands.

    1. Now I’m curious about where you like to sit with that book in your hands. I’m picturing a plush chair, but it could also be with a lot of pillows in bed or at a table.

  2. Compared to the pre-internet days, I am doing at least book’s worth of reading online every week. I still get book reading in but the number of books I read is down. Every once in a while, I look at the list of books I want to read and I reduce my online reading. As you say, online reading is a different experience. It is still reading so I don’t try to eliminate it and I work at making sure I have some time for books.

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