clapping dragon – prayer banner
blessing the northern wind:
Indra, Vayu, and Varuna
with brooding swirls
to drum our roofs and nurse
our earth.
gather us
in logs
thundering rain
– with Handel and Bach
we speak of broad leaves
and our friends:
within jagged walls
brushed white –
this reassembled skin,
its rice paper sphere
and we take tea. minor elegance
rough wood improves –
the drenching opens
unnamed doors
in Monday’s clover
and Tuesday’s spruce –
drowns the shrew-mouse
on Wednesday’s trail –
awakens sleeping polychromes.
makes pokeberry tall
beyond our yard.
shakes tulips from twigs
and fattens swamps.
urges telegrams of morning birds
to break our sleep –
rumbles within our karst –

as current
entering swallow holes
will rise where mills
once twirled
soft wheat.

Poem copyright 2015 by Jnana Hodson
To see the full Green Repose collection,
click here.




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