once more, flipping a month, a year
another mountain, loon, lighthouse, tulip

markers of days and flowing

history or future encoded

as numerals, this imprecise bank ledger
with moon phases

occasionally with a comfort of knowing I’ve been there
or desire to go
or recollection of encountering what’s pictured

as for next month or next year
no matter how carefree
the intended journey or dreaming
some map or guiding is essential

unless we’re simply floating
and who knows, then


still, the clearest water remains a mask
moving, breathing
more than land

with the preponderance of life
on land, atop
in water, below

while the intertidal zones
open to interpretation


each tide
a page that turns back on itself


a reminder of holy spaces
we enter rarely, if ever

point behind point
without end

 Poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson
To see the full set of seacoast poems,
click here.


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