Contrary to the claims of his stubbornly diehard followers, Donald J. Trump has not been “telling it like it is.” Instead, his blustery tirades are so chock full of factual errors, lies, half-lies, fabrications, utter fictions – offenses he flippantly dismisses as “sarcasm” and “jokes” – that it’s now safe to assume that everything out of his mouth and his campaign staff is utter hokum until proven otherwise.

Just look at the odds of his saying anything backed up by substantiated numbers, history, or public documents. The blatant disregard for truth – moral and empirical – manifested by the nominee and his entourage means that we can trust nothing they say or do.

And that’s before we get to the now predictable routine of clarifications, denials, and reiterations of any Trump whopper – something the Huffington Post has identified as The 9 Stages of a Trump Statement: It takes time to drain what you say of any meaning.

And what’s his response to anyone who questions his delusional taradiddle or deflates it with hard-and-true reality? He accuses them of being biased against him, rigging the outcome, having ethnic impurities – anything but taking the blame himself when his immature decisions and outbursts backfire, as they inevitably will. What he really wants, of course, is for everything to be biased and rigged in his own favor – nothing fair or just or equitable at all. It’s the spoiled little brat many Americans are recognizing as Trump. Remember the classmate who hadn’t studied for the test or done last night’s homework? Remember the scampering to hem-and-haw around the question? When’s the last time you’ve even seen him answer a question, rather than evade it? Remember, when it comes to cheating, he’s a pro, if you look at his business record or the legal cases already decided against him. Con-artist, indeed.

He might be venting the pain of many of his core backers, but their economic and social distress is not his gilded situation in life – he just has the huckster’s instincts in knowing who to victimize for his own advantage, as long as he can. And then? It will all simply blow up in smoke. You know, a joke, just don’t expect a refund, folks, you got your show. So where does he stand in all this, where’s the backbone and rectitude? Who knows, he’s so busy contradicting himself, believe me. You wouldn’t want a mechanic working on your car or a contractor renovating your house to be so oblivious to facts and accountability. That’s just one more reason he won’t release his income-tax filings, by the way.

Looks like Trump’s running against Trump, and both are losing.


As the pleas by Republican operatives and insiders keep mounting for a reset on Trump’s campaign (among them the conservative Wall Street Journal’s stinging editorial warning released Sunday night), we’ve heard no one admit that one item cannot be redialed at this point: Trump’s credibility. (It’s like virginity, as he would taunt others. Or a reputation as a slut.) Even his spokesperson Katrina Pierson, who’s supposed to give reporters access to reliable information, has turned into a joke – just look up the social media treatment she’s provoked. Put another way, she’s toast or another widely repeated punch line.

Whatever leeway the average American might offer in regard to sincerity or effort or even “white lies” kindness from a candidate has long ago been transgressed. More and more, Trump’s the kid you steer away from in the playground or on the street. He’s earned a bad rep, one that will taint everything he says or does from here on out. Want to talk about a tailspin? The facts will keep piling up, from many fronts, now that the chase is on.


In the deluge of Trump’s hogwash, I’m astonished that right-wing Christian leaders stick with him, considering their widespread acknowledgement of Satan as the author of lies. How can you defend someone openly practicing that craft? Crucially, when Jesus faces something similar in proclaiming Truth, he retorts: “Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word. You are of … the devil … He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:43-45, RSV).

And you’re going to say Jesus was joking? To think, lies are a form of murder.



  1. I love that line, “Trump’s running against Trump and they’re both losing.” I’m terrified that despite the present polling, by some fluke, he might somehow still win. I hope that doesn’t happen, though. I fear for the safety of the world (without hyperbole) if he gets into power.

  2. I keep wanting to think he’s running as a joke and will get to the end and yell “Surprise!”, but I don’t think his personality would let him do that. I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that he’s already making up reasons why he won’t win (media bias, rigged election, yada yada yada) or the fact that his supporters still think he actually has a chance of winning.

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