The anarchists posing as conservatives seem to believe they can go it alone when the new Dark Ages arrive.

Really? How are you going to pay for bullets? Who’s going to print and back up this thing we call money? Gold’s only a glimmer of what’s needed, especially if you’re starving in a famine.

Who’s going to refine your oil? Maintain your highways? Even if you think you’ll be all off-road travel, just wait till you hit a river. (Bridges are costly to build and maintain.) Or cross someone’s fortified fields. Or run into the Chinese army taking over.

The way you’re headed, an arrow and slingshot will be your ultimate weapon in the rubble of what we’ve known as civilization.

I’m praying we’re smarter than that. And like Woodpecker, I’m getting a lot angrier than I’d like.



  1. Uh oh. I think I missed something important which isn’t surprising since the Canadian media aren’t quite as focused on DJT and the US election. Pray, do tell what is behind this particular post?

    • The ultra-right-wing’s unending opposition to anything but unlimited access to assault rifles and ammunition keeps grating at me. Civil discourse long ago vanished in many of their circles, as you’d find listening to AM radio in the U.S. As for their economic policies, you can look at what’s been happening in Kansas, where the public services of education and highways, among others, are falling apart.
      So I found myself in a Hobbesian frame of mind considering what would happen if all our public structures disintegrated and plunged us into a new Dark Ages. Not everyone, after all, would be able to flee to Canada.

  2. I would think one has to dwell under a rock not to know about the ass clown we have running for president here and I’m not talking HRC though I am not thrilled with her either 🙂 Good post.

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