Comparing Trump to the Clintons, I’m sensing a difference between outright sleazy and sometimes shady. Not sure quite where to draw the line, but maybe it’s like a billion compared to a million, that is, 1,000-to-1. Or how squishy or rocky whatever is underfoot feels. Or even the direction of the wind.

I suppose, too, that I’d see a difference in a willingness to do business with one or the other. Yes, one I’d avoid altogether, the one with a proclivity to file lawsuit when things don’t go his way. As for the other, I’d simply be wary – and move with good counsel and colleagues.


I’d extend this to other comparisons. Hillary’s emails with the 22 million Karl Rove deleted from the Bush White House in 2007 or the Bush Administration’s private domain on the RNC server that same year. Where was the congressional investigation? Or is it purely a matter of party loyalty, right or wrong?

Or how about Benghazi versus the eight attacks on U.S. embassies and consulates during the George W. Bush administration or the 213 U.S. Marines killed in a 1983 attack on their barracks in Lebanon, during Ronald Reagan’s White House? Just for perspective, there’s always seemed to be a witch hunt here. Even some hysteria.

Me? I’d like some better balance. Useful advice and help fixing the problems, rather than blame.



  1. Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate in a number of ways and in any normal year should probably be toast. Donald Trump, on the other hand, seems far, far beyond flawed. I’ll be genuinely afraid for the stability of the entire world if he gets elected. Just my opinion, of course, but that’s how it seems to me.

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