by Jnana Hodson

A comment on a Hippie Trails pin at Pinterest just might explain how Trump-Pence followers interpret their vow to “Make America great again.” It goes:

“Man, that takes me back. I began in law enforcement back in the 70s, in the county jail in late 1970, on to police work four years later. we used to knock the crap out of those long hairs. Toss ’em into a drunk tank full of GIs from Fort Hood. Give ’em a free buzz cut on suspicion of lice. Worked out a lot of transition-to-civilian-life stress that way. Made coming to work pleasant. Back when a joint was a felony, and prison meant hard work in the sun. Good times!”

The fact that such a brutal, abusive outlook is still treasured by some shows how far we are from a just society. It echoes so-called conservatives who want to curb bureaucracy and government at the same time they’re invading bedrooms and voting for soaring prison populations.

Listen. Making America great is the opposite of such tyranny.

Or, as many are interpreting the campaign slogan, Make America hate again.

It’s enough to make Jesus weep.