You know the usual slant on the Garden of Eden, that it’s all Eve’s fault.

Look more closely, you’ll see it’s the Apostle Paul and Augustine’s reading.

That’s it, blame the woman.

But it’s wrong.

Give me a breather. There’s Jewish tradition, after all. Listen up!

For all of its brevity, it’s a complex story. It’s where humanity – and history – begin.

For my part, I believe it’s only one of many similar gardens – where else do you think their sons found their wives? The only one we’re told of, all the same.

Eden 1


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6 thoughts on “DON’T BLAME EVE

  1. you are my new favorite author, Jnana. I am now reading Hometown News…which I bought and am reading on my Kindle—against the vow I made to never read anything important on a machine. I love the Hometown News…I’ve been there…I know those people…I’ve struggled with that copy, and been awed by the giant press, argued with those “readers,” and been bullied by those editors and bosses. Excellent writing!

  2. You’re not (officially) on Goodreaads, but I added what books there were to my “to-read” list πŸ™‚

  3. Not to mention the Hypostasis of the Archons take on it all. Any story can be completely inverted when taken from another angle – take the Judas story for example

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