He claims to be a skilled negotiator, someone who can finesse a deal, but that’s not what we’re seeing. It’s all bluster and bullying. In a business deal, the other party cries “Enough!” and leaves the table. No deal, forget it, we’ll do business elsewhere. Or the workers strike or quit en masse or simply but effectively undermine the whole operation. (Anyone want to cite case studies? By the way, this guy’s refusing to open his books to potential suitors. Where are those tax returns, anyway?)

One possibility, as some power brokers seem to be sensing, he’s way out of his league. Are they sniffing weakness behind all his bravado? The way a wolf pack smells blood? Or the way an investor or market quickly turns in a flash to depose of a loser? Write off a bad investment or risk? Is there enough in his political portfolio for as much as a fire sale? Can he even keep his shirt, if his act falls apart?

Besides, in this game he should know, the house always wins, at least over time. Remember, he’s not playing in Trump Casino anymore. This is the Republican tent, where the owners are getting antsy and wonder about calling in security to escort a player from the premises.

Besides, the joker’s not the only wild card in this deck, and it’s dwindling.

Now, whose turn is it to deal?


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