A couple of years ago, when our old lawnmower died, we decided to switch to a more eco-friendly battery-powered one.

And, no, a riding mower was altogether out of the question, unless it could also handle a snowplow for the other part of the year.

Let me confess I’ve never been comfortable with the traditional power mower. You have to buy gasoline, for starters, and check the oil. As for gapping spark plugs?

None of that with the new baby. It’s lighter, quieter (only a hum instead of the cranky roar), and much easier to maneuver. And while the blade’s shorter than the old one, it does allow me to get in spots the old one couldn’t manage. (Places like those around the fireplug in the strip along the curb.)

One good friend, who once had his own lawn-care service, in fact, took a few swipes with the new one and promptly dubbed it the “mini-Prius.” The moniker’s stuck.

The one drawback is that I can’t quite do our full yard on one charge, especially if the grass is deeper than usual or damp.

I can live with that, certainly. Or even buy a second battery, to keep me running while the first one’s recharging.

At least I’m not spilling gasoline anymore.


We’re serious about gardening, too, as my poetry collection There Is No Statuary in Our Garden Except for the Plastic Spacemen Occasionally Surfacing relates.


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