Here’s assuming you know the feeling of frustration

Of course, I was already running behind in trying to get to a Zoom meeting. As usual, had to find the link (which I cut and paste from a master file of regular events) and also make sure my remote speaker was connected.

But then I found I couldn’t log on until an update was installed.

Sometimes that means Windows; other times, like this, it was Zoom. Either way, I’m not in charge of my computer until that’s done.

The clock was ticking and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. In a way, it was like having to wait for a very long freight train to pass and clear the street crossing. Or getting stuck in congestion on an Interstate highway because of an accident somewhere up ahead.

Whew! Thankfully, the update process was short and I “arrived” in enough time to unmute and all that.

One more example of experiences unique to our times?

Or is it more like an updated twist on something from earlier times like finding the car wouldn’t start?

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