A chilling example of American genocide

In reviewing passages I deleted from my draft version of Quaking Dover, I found this troubling detail. The conflicts with the Indigenous people, after all, are not the focus of the book. And yet …

After “the Indians renewed their ravages on the frontiers in small parties [in 1711, with several of the attacks detailed] in consequence of these ravages the House of Assembly passed the following vote: ‘Voted for Incouragement of Volunteers to Kill and Destroy the Indian Rebels in the province of New Hampe for every man shall be paid sixty pound, for every woman forty pound, for every child thirty to be paid out of the Treasury, and that the said Volenteers shall Remain in that service at least four months, not leaving any Garrison unnarmed, but have the consent of the comitte of Meletia for there so Inlisting … by order of the house. Sam’l Keais, Clark.”


That’s it, a bounty for killing children, and another, their mothers. Men might be considered warriors, but not necessarily.

Even if this was never paid, it’s inexcusable.

And the English considered the Natives barbarian savages?


2 thoughts on “A chilling example of American genocide

  1. Another example of selective history in our American educational system. Horrific. I’m curious as to your original source? Someone, somewhere recorded a different history. Thank you.

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