Attention span of sorts or shorts

Here we were, designing the newspaper of tomorrow. Meaning the next day’s editions.

As for the newspaper of the future?

Never thought it would be built around the dimensions of a computer screen or even a smart phone or have all of those links to follow.

The changing economics and business model are another subject altogether.

How are you getting your news?


2 thoughts on “Attention span of sorts or shorts

  1. I get my news from a variety of sources. Mostly from radio (and these days podcasts) including news and in depth current affairs programs. I also read mainstream media online (whereas once it was in print format). I watch televised news less often. Broadcasting charters here mandate that news type programs is “balanced, accurate and fair”, so the type of “news” that is often presented as such in the US is unlikely to happen here. That is not to say that some personalities do often express their opinions strongly. However, news and opinion are clearly differentiated – in fact it’s a regulatory requirement.

    So for me I my go to sources are RNZ, TVNZ, Stuff (all NZ sources), the BBC and Al Jazeera. US sources are a mixed bag and I even occasionally source Fox News to better understand how biased reporting might sway the opinion of less discerning/discriminating Americans.

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