Call it Victorian, if you must

By the time of the Civil War, Bangor as in Maine was the world’s leading lumber port. Some of that wealth is reflected in the proud Second Empire, Greek Revival, and Federal style homes that punctuate the Broadway Historic District and elsewhere through the city.

My elder daughter would find these to be models for her annual gingerbread houses.

Meanwhile, do any of them capture your imagination?

And you wonder where Stephen King got his inspiration?

9 thoughts on “Call it Victorian, if you must

  1. Ha, funnily enough, they already did–for the April content I do as a guest writer! (Oh, and that house I kept dreaming over in Maine, it’s pending sale.. *sigh* LOL!)

  2. Ha, yes, you got that right….especially with maintaining the paint on a house like this! I laughed at the carpenters/painters full-time, for sure! I would love to have a house with one of those towers…a Queen Anne, or, at the very least, a Tudor Revival/Tudor Style–but that’s wishful thinking. In reality, I would like a house that’s one level and more cozy. I like small kitchens and rooms with doors (over “open floor plans”). Give me my “den”! Ha! I actually have two dictionaries in my personal library: one’s just a small paperback called Dictionary of Architecture, and I also have this one: …as well as books on Meem, Coulter, and a few more. PS I like astrology purely for entertainmnet purposes, but that’s it. What would your sign be? Or, if you don’t want to answer that, what would be your dream house? (I love this website BTW: One time, I actually saw a house for sale that belonged to my ancestor on that site. Okay, I’ve rambled on enough!)

    1. Aquarius. Need to look up my moon and rising signs.
      Dream house? I’m enjoying this one more than any of the others, despite its current condition and winter chill. But I’m also winding down, don’t need a big studio or room to display several thousand books etc.
      It does get problematic, though, working around two people or more.

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