These events leave me feeling confirmed as an author

Being invited to speak about my book, either as a solo outing or as part of a panel, is something quite new to me.

It’s distinctly different from being the featured poet at a café reading or even having a chapbook in hand for sale.

Since Quaking Dover is a factual history, the narrative ties into much more definable readerships than my novels have. I’m even able to present PowerPoint slideshows of people and places appearing in the story, and then be surprised afterward to meet descendants the families or the current residents of houses I’ve touched on.

Having a presentation be recorded and made available on YouTube, as happened through the Whittier Birthplace Museum in Massachusetts, is personally thrilling.

My previous YouTube appearance was private, for a selected audience, largely a sequence of appropriate Scripture and related images. It even had an original, emotionally moving musical score from a talented collaborator.

My face wasn’t visible there, by the way. Yes, the invisible writer as witness.

Alas, it’s gone and I do wish I had a copy.

Remember, writing is a solitary activity. Rarely do we get feedback from our finished efforts. Are we writers simply navel-gazing or do we somehow reach others, especially one on one? Have we actually been wasting our time?

In blogging, I’ll assume you, too, are a writer and know what this means.

Humbly yours, all the more.

3 thoughts on “These events leave me feeling confirmed as an author

  1. Nice that you’re getting some love, Jnana. I used to tell a photographer friend not to worry about subject. If he loved it enough to want to photograph it, others would love it too. I think writing works much the same way. If we put love into it, it comes back to us in one form or another.

  2. Oh yeah. I can totally relate to doing the work and wondering what I’m doing sometimes. The word ‘solitary’ is super apt. So it’s always awesome to receive some outside recognition every once in a while, amirite? Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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