There isn’t much common ground left anymore, is there?

I’ve tried to steer clear of politics lately.

In part, it’s a sense of fear or futility in the face of blustering bullies.

Beyond that, it’s a sense that they’ll tune out anything else I’ll have to say.

Never mind that I majored in political science.


2 thoughts on “There isn’t much common ground left anymore, is there?

  1. Neither side is talking and both sides or multiple sides have no interest in it. Civil discourse is nearly dead. All sides bully, all sides intimidate, and all sides need to stop this and realize we are all lost until we find one shred of common ground to stand on and work to expand it outward. We are all human beings. We all feel loss, love, happiness, sadness, fear, insecurity, anger. We need to start addressing the fear first and the purposeful division of humanity in order to foster that fear.

    1. You’re right, each of us needs to look in the mirror. Nurturing humility is essential, as is integrity. We may even find that being “right” is not the ultimate virtue.

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