Pricing out my new checks

The cheapest ones still came to 27 cents apiece. Add postage to that, and paying bills can add up.

As for paying directly online?

As much as I’m a fan of the U.S. Postal Service and am trying to do my part to assure its survival, I am listening to my wife’s advice to switch over to online bill paying. Before I do anything drastic, though, I want to hear from others.

What’s your experience been?

8 thoughts on “Pricing out my new checks

  1. I’ve been paying online for more than 30 years, and haven’t written a cheque (check) this century. It’s cheaper, and quicker, and more reliable.

    Mind you, in Aotearoa New Zealand this discussion is mute as the banks phased out cheques some time ago.

    On a related note, I’ve been totally cashless since the mid 1980s. In fact I couldn’t tell you what the NZ currency looks like as I never see it. Everything from parking meters, to cups of coffee to home appliances is paid electronically.

    I appreciate the US has a monopoly postal service that you wish to support. Here we have a competitive system so by supporting one postal company you’re depriving the others 😊

    1. Totally cashless is even more astounding to me. On this end, I’ve recently found it essential to buy scallops from the boat and (with a check as an alternative) to buy a hair salon’s gift certificate for a Christmas present. And then there are those road tolls where we don’t want Big Brother’s E-Zpass trolling. Well, as you see, there are some forms of change where I’ll be one of the last ones to join in. Really do appreciate the encouragement.

      1. I keep forgetting that our EFT-POS system (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) is still somewhat unique even though we’ve had it since the 1980s. It’s so ubiquitous here that even a pop-up coffee stall or items sold from the boot (trunk) of a car or scallops off the boat can be purchased using it. All that’s needed is for the EFT-POS terminal to be in range of a 4G or 5G mobile phone tower, and you’re in business. And as that covers 98% of the country, and the mobile terminals can be hired very cheaply (from around US$20 monthly), there’s no reason for a seller to not have one. From the purchaser’s perspective it’s as cheap as it comes as transaction costs are minimal and it’s the seller that pays those. It’s certainly far cheaper than using a credit card.

        I carry a single bank card that can be used as a credit card or as a debit card in which case I simply choose which bank account I wish to transfer funds from. My mobile phone can be used instead of the card, but for some reason, possibly age, I still prefer to use the card.

      2. Some of those around here who insist on cash payments are probably “working under the table,” while others just don’t like the hassle of paperwork. Cash does allow for secrecy, at least on a small scale.
        And then there’s Venmo, which I’ve found very helpful in selling my book at events. Sounds to me like an EFT-POS you’re mentioning.

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