Some things I learned from the book release party

The Dover Friends meetinghouse decked out for the occasion. Photo by Jeremiah Dickinson.

It was a lot of fun and had people really excited. Of course, a presenter learns a lot by doing it, too, leading to refinements.

Among the things on my list:

  • Focus on reading a section or two from the book. Save more of the chat for Q&A time.
  • Resize the photos to fit the screen. Or, for online presentations, the Zoom format.
  • Create memes, including more effective maps.
  • Pack a tall music stand to hold the script, in case a lectern or the equivalent isn’t available.
  • Don’t try to use split screen when showing slides and trying to read my script from the same laptop in a darkened room.
  • Venmo is a definite sales help, even with an older crowd.
  • Think about attire that also works in the dark.
Talking about the book itself. Photo by Maggie Fogarty.

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