Hey, Zuckerbug, you there?

Looking at Facebook, too many ads. Getting harder to file through to the posts by people I know or sites I follow.

In the past, I had largely ignored FB, returning sporadically, but after moving up here, where it’s like a telephone party line, back when people had landline phones, I’m finding more reasons to check in.

But not everyone, by a long shot, is hanging on to hear the gossip.

Too many ads. And maybe too much chatter.

The return was also prompted in the past year by an opportunity to catch up on a host of classmates I’d lost contact with in my moves across the continent.

That part’s been helpful.

But I’m also encountering too many folks who haven’t posted anything in three or more years. Likely haven’t checked in since then, either.

Hello! Anyone home there?

Can’t tell. Too many ads.

What’s your take?


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