Getting there is half of the fun

The Maine coast is 3,478 miles, not including islands. They raise the figure to 7,000 miles.

I live on an island.

Just two miles away, as the crow flies, but an hour by land is the waterfront town of Lubec. One of the best ways for tourists to appreciate the coastal nature of Downeast is by taking the passenger ferry that runs between there and downtown Eastport. I promise you it’s much less crowded than Acadia.

We go down for a walkabout the town, a New Jersey-style pizza, and a sit in the brewpub’s beer garden. One day I watched seven gray seals cavort in the current. And then we catch a ride back, which runs along the other side of the channel from the one we followed down.

Folks from Lubec do something similar, including a stroll though Eastport’s art galleries.

Either way, you get fine insights the shoreline, history, and wildlife in a way you’d never get from land. There’s the Cargo Terminal, salmon farms, Roosevelt summer home, Treat Island. Maybe seals and eagles, too.

The ferry runs every two hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, weather permitting.

The Quoddy Dam is a friendly little vessel, named as a joke about the federal project that was quickly jettisoned.


Approaching Lubec.


At the dock. Treat and Dudley islands are in the background, with Eastport sticking out to the right.


Lubec at low tide.


Here we are, leaving Lubec behind.

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