Where is she now?

I’ve been thinking of a fellow poet and prolific blogger who wrote the most erotic explosions ever, in Spanish, no less, audaciously revealing them to an appreciative public, how could we not cheer her on in her romantic conquests, surrender, and ethereal heights, no matter any awareness such ecstasy cannot linger forever.

Such boldness reflected the heat of passion, one few have truly known, even briefly, and often as a delusion, however irrelevant. Yes, I was among the many who saluted that, perhaps with the wisdom of old age.

But she’s gone and I can’t even connect to her blog site, wish her well, say muchas muchas gracias at the least, perhaps speedy recovery.

Qué lástima, I’d shed a tear for her if I were only able. Even one of gratitude.

My fond, best wishes, all the same. Life itself is an eternal mystery.

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