A matter of relative size

Eastport is smaller – much smaller – than the model for my fictional Prairie Depot was, and I thought that place was small. Yet somehow Eastport feels more vibrant and whole.

At least in summer.

For a little perspective, the entire winter population could ride a single New York City subway train.

2 thoughts on “A matter of relative size

  1. It was such a pleasure to hike up to the beautiful overlook with you today and actually seeing an eagle! My husband and I enjoyed chatting with you and reminiscing about your time in Ohio, (even though we never exchanged names). I felt a sincere peace during our time with you and was compelled to Google poets in Maine on our way back to our campsite. What a surprise to find your biography online and delving into all you have done during your lifetime. Really enjoyed some of your photos online as well. I will certainly be ordering some of your books when we get home to Ohio. Enjoy your downsizing and your precious village in downeast Maine. We truly enjoyed your lovely village and hope to come back one day soon.

    Love and peace in all you do!

    1. What a wonderful surprise hearing from you here! Yes, it was wonderful for me, too.
      Let me know when you decide to come back and we can arrange to get together again.
      Safe travel!

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