In case you’re considering a pet rabbit

You’ve been seeing our duo, Salty and Pepper. Before that were Boo, especially, and Widgeon.

Now, for some details on the species.

  1. Officially, they’re lagomorphs, though we find their chewing habits resemble rodents – you know, beavers, when it comes to wood. You’ve been warned.
  2. Existing as an animal of prey, meaning a food source, makes them skittish. Boo, though, came to be a lap rabbit, sitting for hours in her someone special’s lap.
  3. In short spurts, they can zip along at up to 45 miles an hour. As ours do when they’re first out of their cage in the morning.
  4. In general, they’re silent. They don’t bark or meow or anything like that, though Salty has a whiffling snore while dozing. You’d think she’s in pain, but she’s not.
  5. They’re meticulously clean and can be potty trained, like a cat.
  6. Their ability to jump straight up, from all four legs, and twist and spin about in the air is called binky.
  7. Born covered in fur, they can run from the start.
  8. Their teeth and nails never stop growing.
  9. They cannot vomit, which requires us to be careful in what we feed them. Even when they seem to eat almost everything we offer them. That, by the way, has been an incentive for more attentive weeding on my part. Those weeds suddenly become bunny treats, and watching those greens be so assiduously devoured is quite amusing.
  10. They’re cute and soft, mostly.


6 thoughts on “In case you’re considering a pet rabbit

  1. Thank you so much for writing this post. Now that Easter is approaching many people buy bunnies as gifts without thinking much about the care they need.

    1. They do! This time of year, when the maple sap’s running, they love the twigs and branches I cut off outdoors and bring in for them … it beats their trying to eat my house.

      1. Oh, that’s a good idea! Rowan the bunny loved to play with her cat buddy, Forest, and Charlotte used to hop up on the sofa back and world-watch with her cat buddy, Lettuce.

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