Tides wait for no one

This three-ring clock made for a really appreciated Christmas gift. Its dials (not digital!) track the phases of the moon as well as the rhythm of the tides, which are truly impressive where I’m now living and change every 6 hours and 13 minutes or so. I can know before setting forth what to expect along the waters, especially if I’m thinking of tide pooling or looking for sea glass.

For their part, moon cycles are supposed to be related to mood swings and creativity and, as I’ve heard, even artificial insemination of cattle, whether the calf is going to be male or female. (I got that from some very scientific farmers, by the way.)

Since the night sky around here is often clouded, I do like not being ignorant of what lunar phase we’re in, even if I might scoff at its significance. It’s kinda like having X-ray vision.

All in all, these revolutions make me feel more connected to my place in the universe. Wherever that is.

7 thoughts on “Tides wait for no one

      1. Has me thinking of my blood-pressure monitor, too. Gee, “grandma’s boyfriend” is a phrase I haven’t seen before, even though our son-in-law’s grandmother had a longtime partner 18 years or so younger than her … and he was devastated when she passed. How would we describe him, with that added twist?

      2. Well, I know he was part of the family long enough for him to inspire one of my short stories “The Ice Dream of the Crow” (he was an excellent ice skater, and he put the flag down under the ice, plus escorted Sonja Henie onto the ice for the Olympics!).

  1. What a great gift. My husband would love something like that. He loves old barometers, and if he finds one, brings it home. So far there are four around the house. But I love them too, and we really look at them.

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