Among the many existential questions before us

How can the weather shift from cloudless and gloriously blue sky to overcast and snowing in just four hours?

Don’t try to answer that, but similar questions are definitely welcome!

2 thoughts on “Among the many existential questions before us

  1. Four seasons in one day, are a fact of life in Aotearoa New Zealand. I never thought anything of it until I visited Japan and Australia. There I discovered daily temperature changes being greater than average seasonal changes were not the norm. The Wife grew up in Japan, and even 50 years later she struggles with the rapid and frequent weather changes here. As she observed, in Japan everyone has seasonal wardrobes – clothing not in season would be put in storage, whereas in NZ she must have clothing for all four seasons at the ready all year round.

    But even locals recognise the frequent changes are becoming more extreme. For example, in parts of the country, the yesterday’s summer weather of 28°C (82°F) had changed into a wintery 3°C (37°F) today with overnight snow).

    1. What amazing insights! Guess I shouldn’t pack my parka away over the summer, for starters. But your wife’s seasonal wardrobes, which I somehow picture as more ceremonial than what I see around me, are especially telling. I do like the concept of seasons in a day. Many thanks!

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